Ballen houses

El Retiro

Designed by
and Clara Arango

Small houses in el Retiro, Colombia.
Four volumes are positioned in the steep slope, each one situated in a unique way in relation to the topographic features of the beautiful site. Each structure is clearly different, yet they all share concrete formwork and custom made stainless steel details. The first two houses were completed in 2021. The long house is half sunken in the terrain and more introverted, while the square house is raised four meters over the slope. 

The houses can be rented for short term stays. The long house’s interior area is 75 square meters and has a large roof terrace. The square house is 64 square meters, yet it can accomodate more guests staying overnight. 
The houses are connected by a path in the common garden.
The location is 20 minutes from the MDE international airport, however, the site is in a forested mountain area 2200 meters above the sea. The city of Medellin is about 30 minutes by car.

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